Small Changes Can Add Up

By Becca Ramsey; Certified Yoga and Meditation instructor

Lately I have had many friends reach out to me, all of them with the same question, “How can I ever lose this extra weight?!” I had an answer for them that I feel like surprised them initially but helped them ultimately! Oh, You want the answer too, you say? Okay then, Drum roll please: MAKE SMALL CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE! Tada! Let me give you some more details:

Here are some examples of how to make small changes that add up to an overall healthier YOU: Do you drink diet beverages? Stop drinking them for one week. Oh, YES! It is a hard change! But, you can do it for a week! Then, the next week make a decision to keep this healthy change as part of your lifestyle and pick another one to try out! Maybe the second week you decide to walk twice a week with your friend or a pet, quit going through the drive thru for breakfast and have a nutritious smoothie at home, pack a lunch instead of eating at the cafeteria or food truck at your office, eat frozen grapes instead of chocolate, smoke one less cigarette on your break, drink an extra glass of water a day, move your body for 20 minutes a day! See, these are all doable things! The trick is not overwhelming yourself. Start small! Imagine how proud of yourself you are going to feel when you get to the end of the week and you have met your goal! That spark of success will ignite even more success! Results will happen. They won’t be the over night kind necessarily, BUT they will be the kind you can and will sustain! You can do this!

I am making it a goal in my life to help people get healthier. I love people and want them to feel the best they can! For me it is not all about physical appearance but quality of life.How do you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality? All of these things contribute to our well being and health! I am a certified Yoga Teacher and I also teach Meditation and we will touch on some of those things as well. I hope you continue on this journey with me. I would love to hear feedback of what you picked for a small change and how you did with your goal! Talk to you soon!

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