How We Fit 99 Minutes of Work into a 15 Minute Workout

by Shaun Angel, Owner, CPT

At Flex 151, we are used to skepticism. In fact, we welcome and encourage it. So, when we say that we can fit a 99 minute workout into 15 minutes at Flex 151, we want to back that claim up with some math to show you how we arrive at that statement.

First, we want to define a few terms. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "exercise" as activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness. We then looked at the definition of the word "work," which is defined as activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something. Hmm...looks like exercise is work!

Conventional wisdom tells us that we get more results when we spend more time in the gym. However, at Flex 151, we use science to refine that statement. We believe have to do the work, but it is more work that produces more results, not more time as is commonly cited.

So, with all that said, a few things that make us different are that we lift slowly, and we don't lock out our joints. That keeps the workload higher on our muscles and keeps our joints safe. We also measure the time the muscle contracts, not the amount of time we are in the gym, as a barometer of our success. Additionally, we work to the point of exhaustion. Now, that exhaustion is achieved at a personal and customized level, not a level guessed and imposed upon you by a trainer.

In our math explanation, we need to review a few of basic weight lifting definitions. A repetition is a single movement of a weight back and forth or up and down. A set is a series of repitions. And the cadence is how fast you are moving the work across your range of motion.

To follow along with Shaun's math, use the image below:

Why does all of this matter?  We want to engage our bodies for activity, to actively thrive, to keep our skeletal muscle mass, to have better function, and to not waste our time!  The reality is, exercise is about 20% of our health equation.  We still need to be getting more movement (7,500-10,000 steps a day!) and eating right.  Our simplified nutritional programming will help you choose the right foods to get you back to life.  

The best way to experience and feel Flex 151 is through our no obligation 40 minute consultation and workout.  We show you what we do, take your health goals into consideration, and get you started on our mission.  We want to create a positive, empowering environment that creates a ripple effect: you exercise, you eat better, you balance time better, and therefore, you make deposits of success in all areas of your life.  We still believe in doing the work, but we can do the work smarter and safer without burnout.

Life is too short to be passively regressing, we need to actively thrive!

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