6 Hot reasons to try Upgrade Cold Brew Coffee

By Shaun Angel, CPT

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At Livewell, we are all about balance in life, movement and education through our 4 legged stool of “Move-Empower-Release and Connect”. Flex 151 is about gaining strength and maximizing time, efficiency and effectiveness.  We achieve this through our research based protocols and unique program designs. Upgrade Café is about nutrition on-the-go; no, make that flavorful nutrition on-the-go, in ways that ‘hack’ the status quo. Chef Molly has no patience for bland ‘diet’ foods that lack micronutrients, so we don’t even try to go there, especially since we don’t believe in diets. Such offerings as low glycemic paleo doughnuts, getting your required protein through a ‘cookie dough bite’ instead of a boring shake, delicious smoothie concoctions-from chia puddings to pumpkin muffins are fun and healthy.  We have plenty more in store for you in the months ahead, so stay tuned!

One of our popular signature Upgrade offerings is our coffee. So, what goes into that cup of coffee that our followers have came to enjoy? Jump over to my previous blog to learn about what to look for when buying your coffee beans, making your coffee and to help make your mind up if coffee is healthy.  

This blog is centered on how to make it, and why it’s a HOT time to try our COLD Brew! Who here is so busy that they tire of waiting the 10 minutes to brew coffee? Or, maybe for lunch they want a stronger post meal gourmet cup but cannot find it around unless they resort to the mass gallons of boring and lackluster tasting gas station coffee options out there? I admit, as a coffee nerd and coffee snob, this is me sometimes: impatient to wait for a “whole brew cycle” and ticked off if the strength isn’t right. So, cold brew helps these dilemmas, has many uses and for you flavor junkies out there, it tastes better.

What is Cold Brew?  
Cold brewing refers to the method of making your coffee requiring room temperature water instead of hot water. Cold brew coffee does not men you have to drink it over ice like some people think.  With cold brewing, TIME replaces heat in the brewing process (kind of like with Flex 151 intensity of effort replaces time). Since heat is not there, the flavor compounds in the bean come out, but not the compounds extracted with high heat. We simply let the course grounds float in a tub of remineralized, reverse osmosis alkaline water for 24 hours. We then strain through a mesh filter and immediately bottle in the freshness of the concentrate. Note, this is NOT cheap instant coffee like you see sold at the store. This cold brew process is slow and takes over 24 hours to marinade/brew the water and crushed bean vs pouring in instant powder or brewing a 5 minute cup of joe with no flavor.  Cold brew concentrate is like espresso on steroids and full of flavor!

WHY Cold Brew?
Propeller hat scientists figured out that the high heat used during brew cycles pulls out less than desirable oils, fats and tannins from the roasted bean. These are the elements that most people don’t like when they come out in the flavor, which is why they add so much ‘stuff’ to their coffees (creamers, sugars, etc). If you are a wine connoisseur, you may like or disdain tannins, which create the bitter taste profile in most coffee. In fact, some dedicated coffee drinkers LOVE these bitter tannins and would never drink smooth cold brew. 8/10 people, however, hate this bitterness but like coffee. This is why the assortment of creamers are available today. The creamer smoothes the bitterness and acidity. In recent history, half and half or milk sufficed; now people are loading the historically healthy creamers with tons of artificial sweeteners, sugars and fat-free creamers, creating a very unhealthy habit. The cold brewing process gently pulls out the flavor compounds people like in the coffee, but not the bitterness (from oils and fatty acids) and bite that people do not like.

Aside from the trademark distinctively smooth flavor that people love, here are the 6 main benefits to consider with cold brew coffee:

  • Fresh, all natural coffee concentrate. We sell single shots of 3 oz or 12 oz bottles. No need to brew your coffee. Simply microwave or boil some water and add your preferred quantity of cold brew to your desired strength preference.  3 oz:9 oz water is standard for most people.  
  • Serve Hot or Cold: Aside from the usual hot water, you can add to seltzer water for a fizzy coffee indulgence or simply on ice for a hot day.
  • Less caffeine! You get the many health benefits of coffee (see my previous blog); however, the cold process doesn’t pull out as many oils…and thus not as much caffeine from the bean.
  • 67% less acidic than standard coffee! This one is BIG. People are waking up to pH and alkalinity importance in today’s acidic culture. While I would not call our coffee alkaline, it is far less acidic than normal coffee when you factor our alkaline water system and 67% less acidity resulting from the cold brew process!
  • Maximize your value and minimize your time. Ever make four cups but only drink two? Ever drink too much coffee to prevent waste, only to have the jitters? Yep, thought so!  With cold brew concentrate, only use what you wish. No waste. Accidentally sleep in and running late on time? No more coffee-less early morning meetings. Keep a bottle at work and at home! When I travel, I now carry cold brew with me and simply ask for hot water where I go (they always give me hot water free). This saves a lot of money vs a coffee house, saves time, AND I am getting an organic cup of coffee.
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  • Simple to make!  Add Upgrade cold brew to either hot or cold water. Play around and find your preferred strength. Generally, we recommend for strong coffee lovers to do 3 oz cold brew to 9 oz water. For mild coffee drinkers or those with caffeine sensitivity, 1 oz cold brew to 9 oz works well. Again, use your preference. I use straight as an ‘espresso shot’ prior to a workout. I prefer cold brew concentrate over espresso now. That’s it. Keep refrigerated if possible. Lasts 2 weeks with tight lid for maximum freshness.
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What makes Upgrade Café Cold Brew coffee different is found in our unique processing methods. First, we use only organic, high altitude coffee beans to keep the pesticides, chemicals and mycotoxin molds as low as possible. We receive our micro roasted coffee fresh weekly, from a local artisan roaster, Bill Slatter! This is a huge component of flavor. He orders the coffee bean unroasted directly from a specialty green coffee importer. We cold brew using our 5 stage reverse osmosis water system. The water then goes through a 15 layer remineralization cartridge to get the pH to the proper level. This also affects coffee flavor in the cold brew process. We then fresh grind our beans, cold brew and store in glass.

Recent client testimonial:
Date: 9/25/15 1:10 pmTo: "Shaun Angel" <sangel@flex151.com> 
"Thanks Shaun!  That coffee seriously is crazy good! Thanks for telling me about it. How much is one of the bigger containers you showed me, sort of looked like an old time milk container? My mind is still pretty blown at how good it is without adding anything in.
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So, next time you are in the studio, try out our signature Upgrade Café cold brew coffee. Do a side by side comparison, and experience the difference yourself! Our fresh coffee bags and cold brew concentrate make perfect gifts for that coffee aficionado!
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