Why Should I Eat Kraut?

By Stefanie Schapker

Did you know your stomach protects you from infections? The holidays are here which means more of the “junk foods” in general that produce endotoxins and cause inflammation. The stomach goes into battle mode and starts overproducing insulin which increases fat storage and weakens your appetite control and eventually leads to obesity. Consuming fermented foods like kraut are great detoxifiers and because they contain higher levels of probiotics than probiotic supplements, it helps to optimize your gut flora! Adding just one cup of fermented veggies in your day can have great benefits like lowering your risk for cancer, preventing acne, obesity, diabetes, and helps with mineral absorption! Check out our Garlic-Dill and Taco Kraut by Hidden Pond Farms at Livewell and make your gut smile!

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Ideas on how to add kraut to your diet:

-Think of kraut like a condiment! You can add it to your favorite salad, meat, or simply as a side dish
-Add ½ cup of kraut to your salad then top with olive oil, lemon, and apple cider vinegar.
-Scrambled eggs in coconut oil and topped with kraut for a zing!
-Adding kraut to any sandwich can bring a nutritious yummy crunch.
-Green smoothies with a little kraut added in will increase the health benefits and give you a boost in the mornings or afternoons.