Can I really get results from working out 15 minutes per week?

Muscle retention is one of the most critical components of human health. In addition to physical movement, muscle contributes to the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism and protects against insulin resistance, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Muscle wasting, which can develop from insufficient exercise, aging, or metabolic disorders, leads to an increased risk for chronic disease and the loss of physical abilities. Flex 151 does not measure a workout in terms of hours in the gym or number of repetitions with a barbell; the training program measures “time under tension,” which is the amount of time the muscle is actually contracting, while moving through a safe range of motion and with a slow speed of lift until it reaches a point of muscular exhaustion. The 15 minute duration of the program is actually a convenient and pleasant side-effect of our sound, research based protocols…15 minutes was NOT the goal we based our program around. We ask that you try to unburden yourself with the skepticism you may be feeling due to the unique time requirement of our program. We realize that the perception that volume training is the only correct method to train is a significant challenge for us to overcome. However, skeptics quickly become believers. At the end, all the body cares about is efficiency and all Flex 151 cares about is you, your safety and helping you feel and look better!

Why only once a week?

By combining our research-based protocol with cutting edge technology, we are now able to exercise more efficiently, more safely and with greater effectiveness. By working both phases of the lift (the positive and negative) and working all muscle fiber types (slow and fast twitch), we exhaust more energy out of the muscles than what typically occurs at the normal gym. This results in a need for more recovery for the body to overcompensate and get stronger. The ’15 minutes, once per week’ is a convenient side-effect of many years of research and study on full effort, shorter duration workouts in comparison to lower intensity, multiple day per week routines. It is important to note that at Flex 151, we are just applying sound science to save clients time.

Is it safe?

Yes! Our protocol requires very strict oversight on form by our Certified Personal Trainers. We exercise slowly and within a safe range of motion, and the intensity is based on each client’s own starting efforts set to a safe percentage effort level. We do not pick a starting level for the client at Flex 151. The client gives us all inputs to design their unique program.

Will I get Sore?

Soreness is not a great indicator to a good workout. Soreness is incredibly individualized and can vary based on stress levels, hormones, health of your joints, etc. Many clients report little to no soreness from our workouts, but enjoy the muscle fatigue they feel in their recovery days. We start every client off slowly and build them into the program so that excessive soreness is mitigated as much as possible. Proper exercise should have you feeling better more than you are feeling bad. A great indication that you are fully recovered is a great feeling body.

Explain the difference between fitness and health.

The words ‘fitness and health’ are thrown around a lot these days and to many have come to mean the same thing. They are not. At Flex 151, we are concerned about increasing your fitness along with your health. Health to us means not being sick, hurt or with disease. Fitness, then, is being able to handle exertion or activities above your resting activity level. So, we rule out fitness activities that could cause injuries in the name of increasing health. What good is it to swing a kettle bell if you injure your shoulder? Or why settle for chronic knee pain and shin splints in the attempt to lose weight?
We are a Lifestyle Approach to fitness and health and want to be active, without injury or excessive time spent pursuing fitness, for as long as possible!

Is this the right program for me?

I’m really out of shape.
No worries! We start a program based on your current efforts and abilities. There is no comparison or intimidation in our facility, and we will work you into better shape quick, getting feedback from you along the journey. The best time to start a journey towards increased fitness and health is right now. Don’t delay waiting for the ‘right time’ or next month. Make an appointment today! You will find this program doable and with built-in accountability since you will be scheduling an appointment and will have the oversight and instruction from a Certified Personal Trainer.

I need to lose weight.
The specific prescription of our program to your capabilities automatically sets you into a fat burning mode, especially post workout. You will actually increase your resting metabolic rate by strengthening your muscles and working out at the proper intensity. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, which brings us to nutrition. Think of Flex 151 and your weekly workout as the spark. Nutrition is then the fuel that can either ignite that spark into a burning flame (proper nutrition) or retards its growth and extinguishes that spark (poor nutrition). You will receive adequate exercise from our program. We will work with you on how to eat, what to eat, and why with our nationally recognized nutrition program. What is is NOT is a starvation diet built around counting, measuring, weighing, and deprivation.

I’m a boomer.
Increased strength from resistance training can play greatly in increasing the vitality of life, and it is often misunderstood. For instance, there is an emerging epidemic of sarcopenia, or low muscle mass (age related loss of muscle mass), that predisposes one to injury and falls. Boomers need to leverage safe exercise in order to improve health and longevity, and gaining muscle mass is crucial as aging occurs. Please see below benefits to resistance training.

I’ve been injured previously.
As long as you are released by your physician to engage in exercise, we are able to work with you. We can work with a specialist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or other health care provider, listening to their specific recommendations for you. Furthermore, we will be focusing on safety first and foremost, and controlling a safe range of motion, slow speed of lift and appropriate intensity based on your feedback. Some exercises may be excluded altogether and/or grip and positioning may be modified. However, we are not and do not employ medical professionals in our facility.

I want to increase performance in a certain activity.
There is a difference between skill conditioning andphysical conditioning. At Flex 151, we focus on improving overall physical conditioning. Relating this to competition or athletics, our approach allows you to “condition global and then train/practice local.” You will exercise at Flex 151 to improve your overall quality of life through improving your health and fitness. You will reap a great workout that serves as a stimulus for your body to make a response, or improvement. Physical conditioning should not take a long time to complete if performed properly. This is by design so as to allow you to work on skill conditioning. Be very mindful of physical conditioning that undermines skill conditioning. The result of this is weaker muscle, enhanced chance for injury, mental and physical burnout, and compromised immune system..especially as the stresses of competition factor in.

When will I see results?

The timing of ‘results’ depends on what your definition of results mean to you. For some, gaining strength, potentially helping with bone mineral density, or relieving pressure on joints through increased muscle are their goals. For others, losing weight, increasing tone, and losing body fat are the main goals. Within a few sessions, clients are noticing or feeling something different. For physical changes to really be pronounced requires a close look at our nutrition program. Ask us for more details. When you do start to notice results, we will do a quick count of the actual minutes of working out it took you to achieve them. You will be astounded!

Will I get bulky?

Many men who love to strength train wished this statement were true! Many women shy away from resistance training because they believe it to be true as well. The answer is an emphatic NO. Muscle size is largely determined by genetics, specifically a rate-limiting gene called myostatin. Nutrition is the best way to control having or not having muscle size, independent of genetics. We will talk more about specific goals in our consultation. The reality is, lifting heavy things for most types of people is a great way to stay lean and burn fat!

What about cardio?

Excellent question! The misconception is that we have to engage in ‘cardio’ specific aerobic exercise and that resistance training does not work cardio. With most normal style weight training, that is the case. At Flex 151, however, we work the cardiac and respiratory system BY working muscle! Skeletal muscle has the largest ability to produce energy in the body and if you work it at the appropriate intensity for long enough, it needs support from the metabolic support systems, namely the heart and lungs. We increase oxygen use at the muscular level.
Unless you love long boring treadmill exercise, come check out Flex 151 for a change of pace!

What about Stretching and Flexibility?

There is a big difference between enhanced flexibility and increased flexibility. At Flex 151, we are concerned only with enhancing flexibility, which occurs as we strengthen the tendons, ligaments and connective tissue surrounding the muscles. Since we work both phases of the exercise (the up and down or concentric and eccentric), we help with the tensile strength of the surrounding support structure of the muscle.

Our protocol starts off with repetitions that are not full force reps, so we are able to properly warm up the muscle before it has to work too hard. As the muscle warms up, it slowly fatigues. Since we cannot increase momentum in the exercise and form is so strictly controlled, the force on the joints comes down as the client continues to lift as the muscle is weakening. Our system is a very joint protective protocol due to this big factor. This is one of the major differentiators between us and many other programs. However, we are ok with moderate and light stretching that serves to loosen muscle tightness and facilitate detoxification. Just please do not push the stretches in excess or assume that you need to be as flexible as someone else.

What about my core muscles?

Core muscles engage when given a reason and to support the surrounding infrastructure of the body. At Flex 151, we give your core muscles a reason to engage! Furthermore, we work specific techniques while performing compound movements to engage the core. As we have stated, we do not work isolation techniques such as sit-ups as they are a very poor exercise and potentially dangerous for many clients to engage in. Many people choose to work their ‘core’ because they want to flatten the stomach. For this goal or belly fat reduction, the best core workout occurs at the dinner table and with sound nutritional choices!

Will you track my weight, fat percentage, BMI, etc.?

While weight loss can occur depending on how much you want to lose, for many people, they experience major transformations without dramatic changes on the scale….what we refer to as “non-scale victories”. A common misconception is that muscle weighs more than fat; in reality, they weigh the same but fat takes up more space on the body. Only using the scale to judge your performance misses the fact that as you gain solid muscle and lose fat, your weight has not changed but your body composition is much different. We talk a lot about re-proportioning the body. If your pants fit loose but your weight hasn’t changed, congratulations! You have lost dangerous belly fat.
BMI is not used in our facility due to that measurement being a sheer determination of height and weight. Muscle percentage, bone structure, etc cannot play into this statistical variable. We do like body fat percentage but do not measure it at this time. Many other facilities are all about measuring, counting, or weighing to gauge results. Here at Flex 151, you know if you are getting results…you will see it manifest outside the gym in the mirror, while doing daily activities with ease, with better cardiovascular conditioning and all while enjoying life outside of the gym.

What should I wear during my session?

Flat soled shoes and comfortable, modest attire. No dresses please. If wearing heels, our workout can be performed barefoot. Tight fitting clothing may be restrictive. It is not necessary to have typical gym attire unless you feel inclined to wear gym clothes. Many people work out in their standard street and/or work clothes. We climate control the facility and keep air circulating as part of the exercise protocol science. Typically, sweating starts to occur near the end of the session by design so as to get as much energy out of the muscle as possible.

Is there a family discount?

We offer youth rates, ages 12-23. See pricing page for details. There are no other family discounts since we are an appointment-only facility with individualized private or semi-private instruction. Spouses/family are invited to schedule a workout together for excitement and accountability, but are not required to do so since coordination of schedules can be difficult.

What’s the difference between private and semi-private?

Due to the unique nature of our program and equipment, all clients begin with their first month of training as a private one-on-one client. After the initial month, the client may choose to stay one-on-one with a certified personal trainer or they may choose to train semi-privately. This means that up to three clients may be in the studio at the same time, but a personal trainer is still in the room to monitor proper form, facilitate the use of the machines, and provide motivation and feedback. Most clients enjoy the environment of the semi-private setting. Additionally, semi-private training rates are lower due to sharing the time of the trainer..