FIIT Interval Training

In addition to our Intelligent Training System, some clients enjoy the Flex FIIT (Flex Intense Interval Training) Program.

FIIT is intervals of maximum effort training for 30 seconds, followed by 90 seconds of moderate recovery pace performed on a recumbent bike for safety. The FIIT program works the aerobic and anaerobic processes of the heart and all muscle fiber types.

Who is FIIT for?

  • Those who want additional help with fat loss and body comp or love to workout and need a safe and effective channel to perform it.
  • Clients who would like to try something new that is as safe and effective and of same background science and research as our high effort strength training program.
  • For those clients that are still skeptical one workout per week can give great results. We have this solution for you that is efficient and effective. We will monitor your recovery and will not be afraid to tell you you need more recovery and/or to switch to our one time per week program.

Further FIIT Overview:

By working muscle, we call on the cardiac/respiratory metabolic support systems to do their work of removing metabolic by-products of intense exertion and well as shuttling in repair nutrients. The misconception is that the heart gets stronger when in reality it gets more efficient, along with the vascular and respiratory system, at processing oxygen at the muscular level. So, all adaptation occurs at the muscular level, which is why we work muscle here at Flex 151. By going high intensity, safely, we trick the body into making an adaptation that it would not have otherwise made. So, this is a high effort strength workout that calls on the cardiovascular and metabolic support systems just like our once per week strength workout.
We use a recumbent bike to perform FIIT because it is a safer method than running (you cannot trip, slip, bust knees, and is low impact). Also, recovery is optimized since we are primarily using the legs to accomplish the workout.

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