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Charolais is absolutely the best tasting grass finished meat we have consumed, and we have tried several types of cattle. Some flavor better on grass than others, so while many types of cattle are healthy, we just find that the flavor profile of charolais is very enjoyable while also reaping the healthier meat benefits. Attached, please find price lists, meat information, and Partial or Full order forms.

We sell out of the freezer individual cuts and take preorder for half, full or quarter animal bulk amounts. Explaining upfront what exact costs are going to be can be a little bit of a challenge since prices go by actual poundage weighed at time of processing; however, for simplicity, here is an example to follow:

Farmer Dave usually processes when the heifer reaches 850-1250 lbs. Using 1,000 lb heifer example and a ¼ cow amount of bulk order:
  • IF the cow is 1000 lbs live weight, yield packaged (what you actually take home) is about 37% of that weight. This is approximate. That would make a 370 lb packaged yield from a 1000 lb heifer. 370 lbs divided by 4 = 92.5 lbs x $9.09/lb = $840.83 less $500 lbs down payment = about $340.83 balance (tax would be added as well) remaining when Dewig’s calls me. Sorry, we cannot give you perfect number until we get numbers from Dewig’s, but this is a close estimate based on 1000 lb animal. We send the down payment from you and others for the remaining heifer to Dave, so he can deliver to Dewig’s.
  • Once he receives the Livewell payment for a full heifer, he schedules Dewig’s for processing (this occurred last week). It will be about 2-3 weeks from the time he delivers it most likely, maybe a little longer before you hear from us again. By that time, we will know actual poundage of the animal and can give you an ESTIMATE of remaining balance (formal numbers figured when Shaun gets the paperwork from Dewig’s, but this estimate is a big deal considering on-the-hoof weight ranges of 850 lbs to 1250 lbs depending on season and availability).
See attachment of either full or partial agreement. You can either scan and send back to us at Info@myLivewellOnline or deliver at your next visit. Once approved by your paperwork, we will run the down payment plus tax and get it going. Sorry details on paperwork seem silly, but people have asked us for more T bone than ground….we haven’t figured out how to make a heifer or steer grow more steaks than ground meat to satisfy this requestJ We are not even joking about that question either! Meat quantities and cut variance types are completely pro-rata to the full heifer. See attached Dewig cut list to see where on the animal various cuts originate from as well as our order sheet to see what cuts will be provided on a less than full order. For a full animal order any cut and thickness can be requested at time of butchering.

By the way, YES—ALL grass fed/finished. Charolais beef. Very high quality, excellent tasting grass finished beef. When you begin your journey into grass finished meat, the taste of this meat makes all the difference in the world vs many others breeds we have tried. It is delicious!
  • According to, grass finished beef (not to be confused with only grass fed) has equivalent fat content as wild deer, bison, elk, antelope. Only about 2x the fat of boneless skinless chicken breast, which always astounds me!
  • Ex: a 6oz grass finished steak has about 100 less calories than standard factory-farmed beef.
  • Food for thought: The Average American eats about 66.5 lbs of beef per year. If they changed to grass finished beef but did not change quantity of their beef consumed, they would cut 17,733 calories of hormone laden, inflammatory fat out of their diets…and still be eating the same amount of beef! That translates to 5.06 lbs of fat.

So, a ¼ heifer based on 1000 pounds live weight would be estimated to contain 7.05 lbs less fat, or 24,666 less fat calories packaged. I find this amazing. It also explains why there is so much conflicting information out there on if meat is good or bad for you. Based on research, we would have to know how the animal was fed that was in the research study to know whether truthful or not. Talk about ‘have your steak and eat it too’. Haha!

We do realize that grass fed/finished meat is a big investment, so if you have any questions at all about cuts, why certain ones are not listed, why so much ground why you cannot request all steaks, etc, just let us know. The order sheet lists exactly what you will receive in the pro-rata amounts of the animal less bones and skin. We want you totally comfortable before placing your order! We recommend actually buying a few cuts out of our freezer first before committing to a large order to make sure you like the taste. Some people even split a ¼, half or full on the backside to lower the overall out of pocket cost while getting the best bulk deal.

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