Living Water System

What takes up approximately 65% by weight, 99% by molecule, is something you cannot live without, yet about 90% of the US population does not have enough of it at this very moment? Water!

So, aside from hydrating, let’s discuss purifying and remineralizing.

2 Options to combine at Livewell for filtering and remineralizing your water

Filter and Treat w/ Whole House Solution: 

Whole House Filter
–remove and reduce Sediment, Chlorine, Ammonia, Chemicals, Disinfectant Byproducts, Trace Pharmaceuticals, Improve taste & odor

Whole House Treat
–prevent scale damage to fixtures (faucets / shower heads), appliances (dishwasher /washing machine), water heaters (tank & tankless)
Whole House 20x5 High Quality High Flow HAC Carbon, Catalytic Anti-Scale Water Treatment Included.

 Block carbon to reduce and remove Sediment, Chlorine, Chloramine, Volitile Organic Compounds, Disinfectant Byproducts, and Trace Pharmaceuticals. (Est 12 month filter life based on quality and volume / # people in home)


This unit would connect to your main water line coming in the house. From here, all water will be filtered and treated. Most people then install the undercounter unit for the R/O and remineralizing at a single point of use for cooking and drinking water. Their plumber can easily set up a line to the refrigerator to filter the ice as well.


Purify and Remineralize w/ Drinking and Cooking Point of Use Solution:

Premium Reverse Osmosis 5 stage filtration system with Everest Alkaline Remineralization pH Adjustment and 2.5 gallon 

Finished capacity holding tank and chrome faucet as standard components.  This is an under the sink cabinet mounted unit.  See pictures below for the exact unit.
Unit for Kitchen with Re Mineralization Stage


Together, this is a full service system!  Confused where to start or budget lacking at this point for a whole house unit?  Most people start with a point of use system to take care of drinking and cooking water and then later expand.  The whole house filter can always be added at a later date. 

Note:  All units purchased are parts only, custom built and no returns will be granted.  Installation is NOT included in sales price.  Sales tax will apply.  Filters can be ordered for yearly changing from Livewell, estimated to be between $50-100 depending on # of people in the home and if whoel house or under counter filter only.  Instructions for installation will be provided for do it yourself installation, or a qualified plumber can be hired to install.  Livewell is not responsible for installation, we only sell the units.

Warranty is one year on parts.  Labor related issues are not covered.

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Filter in housing is 1 month old. Filter on Top (white) is new filter. Filter on right on top is 2 months old. This is a picture of sediment being trapped in our system at Livewell, the same system that would be under your sink.

Mounted on the wall, this is what a system looks like (minus the standing cooler). You would have an elegant water spout on the side of your sink and a 2.5 gallon reservoir under the cabinets with this unit displayed. Neat, clean and compact.

Still need a reason to compel you to filter your water?” This is a picture of a filter change at one reputable local restaurant that DOES filter their water. Think about how many homes are around there on the same source water. Think about how many restaurants are close by and NOT filtering their water!

Eric Kneller, founder of Living Water, and the brains behind the filtration unit’s here at Livewell: “Bringing your water back to Life” Presentation:


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