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Did you know that needlepoint bi-polar ionization can kill bacteria, virus and mold, both in the air and on surfaces?

Many people think that their forced air 1” filter is enough to clean the air in their home.  Others may be luckier and have the larger filtration system with monitoring and maintenance plan by a good heating and air company.  But, beyond the dirt, what we cannot see is the mold, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants lurking in their home, that go untouched by the home’s filter contributing to indoor breathing issues, foggy head or even sick building syndrome from improper home ventilation.  Beyond passing germs, we are indoors as much as 92% of the time as a society and the off-gassing from building products such as fire retardants, formaldehyde, and other chemicals such as dry cleaned clothing, aerosols, and cleaning products have us breathing unclean air…and feeling less than ideal.  For someone who fights allergies, what is a person to do?  Open the windows to cross ventilate the house and get a whiff of constricting and eye irritating pollen, or leave windows shut and accumulate the off-gases, chemicals and germ buildup?  Fortunately, there is now an effective and affordable option that works better than filtering, is easy to install, and can be taken with you when you move!  This is way beyond filtration, so before you think your 4” filter media has you covered…read on. 

O2 Prime Vortex uses needlepoint bi-polar ionization, for treatment that is simpler, safer, and less maintenance than UVC! Ionization has been around since the early 1900’s used primarily in Europe for food processing and bacteria control.  The technology started showing up in the USA in the early 1970’s. The old way to produce bi-polar ionization was through the use of a glass tube with mesh wire on the inside and outside and applying a high voltage to the tube. Just like the UVC light, the ionization tubes degrade over time and must be replaced on an annual to every-other-year basis and they produce ozone.  O2 Prime Vortex has engineered a much more efficient and cost effective way to produce bi-polar ionization and it’s called needlepoint bi-polar ionization. Instead of using outdated glass tubes to produce the ions, O2 Prime systems utilize 316 stainless steel needles controlled by a microcircuit to inject the ions into the air stream.  The O2 Prime system has the lowest first cost, requires no replacement parts, no performance degradation over time like the competition and the O2 Prime system has passed UL 867 including the ozone chamber test!

Why is bi-polar ionization better than UVC light you may ask? The answer is simple. As mentioned above, UVC can kill only what it shines on. Bi-polar ions injected into the air stream, preferably

before the cooling coil so the coil stays clean, but after the pre filters, travel with the air just as smoke would in a duct. The long dwell time and sufficient concentration of ions will kill the pathogens in the duct as well as in the space where the conditioned air is being supplied. In conclusion, bi-polar ionization added to the home or office space HVAC system will dramatically reduce breathing issues and related infections.

For more information on our unhealthy indoor air quality, please read: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/06/15/indoor-air-pollution.aspx

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Residential Testimonials

Jessica Williams, Partner with Sustainability Management Partners, and our point of contact for the O2 Prime Vortex unit. Here her story and why she is passionate about improving indoor air quality as we are!

“We had a O2Prime Installed in our home and WOW we noticed a difference within hours."
Tom & Sue B.

“We had a O2Prime Installed in our home and WOW we noticed a difference within hours. I am an allergy sufferer and have not taken allergy medication at night since it was installed. Our friends and family who visit comment that the air in our home smells clean and crisp “your house smells like we are in the mountains”
Tom & Sue B.

A couple of years ago, I was told I had asthma – in my 60’s. I had been coughing for several months and couldn’t seem to get better after many rounds of antibiotics and prednisone. I went to a pulminololgist and was given “several” inhalers, prescriptions for antibiotics, etc. Later that year, I had to go to the emergency room because I was having trouble breathing. I went into the emergency room for the next year also – same thing, couldn’t breathe.

We installed the unit.

In the summer, we decided to have our crawl space worked on. They told us since they would be disturbing the dirt, there would be a bad odor. They thought we should be aware. Well, they couldn’t believe it . We experienced no odor. Later that year, I had very little problems my asthma. I haven’t had problems with my asthma for over a year now. No more emergency room visits, haven’t used my inhalers, and do not take antibiotics or prednisone unless I have a sinus infection.

I am so glad we installed the unit and credit my good “asthma” health to the unit. I would recommend this unit for every home!!!
Marcy Hahn

“There are now no odors at all down in the basement even after we’ve had water in there several times since we installed the units. No odor upstairs either. No mold/mildew, no odors, no allergies! We love gathering at the family home and enjoying the farm together.”
B. Bolinsky

“I installed the unit for a space that housed 50-60 homeless people. The odor coming from this space and people was a “bone of contention” for the staff running the shelter. We installed the unit on Friday and by Monday morning there was no trace of the odor.”

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