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Flex 151 was founded in 2010.  At that time, we had a newborn at home. Shaun was in the middle of graduate school and a traveling sales professional. His problem quickly became a lack of time. Working out his historical 3-4 times per week just wasn’t possible anymore. Molly was a busy mother of two with no time and a running injury that prevented her from training for future half marathons.

We heard about high intensity training methods used at Flex 151 and joined as clients.  Although the business was much different at the time, the research and principles the company was founded on, proved to be true.  Molly lost the weight she had gained from two pregnancies in only 10 sessions, and Shaun reached a level of fitness he had not had in 10 years! This 15 minute, once per week workout impacted our lives so profoundly, we bought the company.  Now we help our clients eliminate all of the same frustrations that we overcame.

Most people experience similar challenges with exercise. We want to be fit, healthy, and energetic, but do not have the time or motivation to frequent a gym 4-5 times per week. Boomers want to maintain a quality of health so they can enjoy their freedom. Previously-injured people need to train with a safe and controlled range of motion. High performers want to reach the next level.

At Flex 151, we help clients of all types with varying goals. Our properly tailored exercise program brings added quality of life, strength, better sleep, fat loss; the list goes on and on.  Coupled with our simplified whole food nutritional program, we give you the tools you need for success in your health journey.  We live by the 80:20 principle both in food and life.  This means we eat right 80% of the time and don’t worry about cheating 20% of the time.  We also are firm believers in focusing 80% of your efforts on healthy eating, lowering stress and obtaining quality sleep.  We then concentrate your exercise into the remaining 20%.  The end result is a consistency in your life, where you are not starving and not trying to ‘out exercise poor nutrition’.  This builds compliance.  Compliance and incremental improvement decrease chances of burnout and over the course of your health journey, these incremental steps turn into milestones finally be reached. 

To help our clients find this balance in life and stay on course, Livewell was opened in August 2013.  Livewell adds the 80% package into Flex 151.  Health Coaching for incredible challenges with food.  Yoga and Barre to aid in movement.  Holistic Massage Therapy, Chi Machine, and the Vitality Sunbed for relaxation and balance.  We expanded our retail store to simplify food choices for our clients to fuel their journeys.

Upgrade Café is our latest addition, which opened in March 2014.  Upgrade Café’s sole mission is to help you with on the go meal replacement through whole food nutrition, micronutrients and overall balance.  Upgrade offers smoothies, organic coffee and teas, and other superfoods.  The pace of life is busy.  We aim to try to help our clients eliminate the legitimate ‘no time to get healthy’ excuse that has become our new normal. 

Livewell, Flex 151, and Upgrade Cafe are about thriving and lifestyle transformation.  

You CAN be busy, have a life, and still get fit. Healthy foods CAN taste great and more importantly, make you feel great.  And, you can enjoy life outside of the gym with our sophisticated exercise, yet simplified approach!
Shaun & Molly of Livewell

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