Our Philosophy


Livewell values progress over perfection. The name Livewell is about elevating life, overcoming obstacles that keep us stuck, and shifting the way the community thinks about health NOW, not later. We worry about chemicals, not calories; micronutrients, not macronutrients; empowerment not confusion when it comes to our health. We are like minded in our philosophy that we will pay now for good food and enjoy life, and hopefully not pay later with good prescriptions and bad health. We believe in pursuing health; more importantly, we expect you to enjoy what health enables you to do!
There is a "why" behind everything we do at Livewell:

Flex 151:  We vote for simple over easy.  Easy doesn't mean little effort, it simply means it’s not hard to understand or follow.  Our program works your muscles which allows you to become stronger, look and perform better and live longer.  Your body has a ‘use it or lose it’ principle when it comes to muscle.  We safely use and strengthen muscle, no matter what your age or fitness levels, so you can get back to life.  All in 15 minutes once or twice per week.

Move:  From yoga to barre, everyone needs to move their body.  Walking 10,000 steps per day.  Standing up every 10 minutes.  Our body is meant to move and without movement, our health declines.  Our safe programs ensure that no matter your fitness levels, you can apply the strength you gain at Flex 151 and put it to use with functional  and balanced movement.  If we are ‘in the box,’ simply strengthening our muscle with Flex 151, we get out of the box and use that strength when we move.  So, from private and group yoga and barre to Thai massage, we have you covered!

Empower:  Learn more about yourself so you can take back control of your health.  Ever have questions on organic, factory versus grass fed meat, what type of water filtration unit to buy, or what foods and thoughts are limiting your success?  We can help.  With one on one health coaching intensives all the way to specialized workshops on your health, our aim with our Empowerment division is to help you understand your health and body.  Functional diagnostics via the Zyto can offer computer-modeled portals into your health…things you may not outwardly see but will understand.  We then apply this newfound knowledge and incrementally improve our health through our progress over perfection philosophy. 

Release:  We all get ‘stuck’ from time to time, whether physically, emotionally, or both.  Holistic massage can free up your energy blockages, help to aid in muscle recovery, detoxify, and restore your body.  The chi machine and FIR mat can stimulate your lymphatic system and calm an over-active mind.  Holisitc skin care can nourish your largest organ, your skin, and release the accumulated toxins that are so prevalent in the beauty industry.    

Connect:  Finally, connecting with other like-minded individuals can sometimes be all it takes to bring your health journey full circle.  Sometimes we feel like we are on an island when we make the decision to become healthier.  From healthy pot-lucks to painting nights, connecting with the Livewell community can help you and others become a better you.