We at Livewell featuring Flex 151 have partnered with Thorne and EXOS Performance Nutrition based on their scientifically validated and long history of some of the most advanced formulations we have found in the industry to date. For over 30 years, Thorne products have contained clean and pure ingredients, with no unnecessary fillers and additives, for high absorption to maximize outcomes. They have a research and evidence based approach to proper and safe supplementation.https://www.thorne.com/quality The below Thorne Research Catalog will give you detailed product information, study links and history of each product Thorne offers. We urge you to use this information to help you make your physician supervised and personal decisions on your health. 


ORDER DIRECT!! Thorne offers a Patient Express Program, so you can conveniently order and have products delivered directly to your door via website, phone or fax. See attached slick for more information on how to get set up with your online account. Simply go to thorne.com. Sign up as new user. Enter your patient express access code and follow prompts. Free shipping over $125. (Please get with your Livewell Health Coach for your Patient Express Access code.)

As always, we can order for you specialty items at no shipping and will be adding to our inventory as we learn preferences. A list of our inventory can be seen here:

Did you know, Livewell is set up with Wellness Fx, offering blood diagnostic packages and giving people access to tools that will help them own their health?

About WellnessFX:
WellnessFX has been around since 2010 and specializes in empowering individuals to understand and improve their health in a personalized and engaging way. By combining direct-to-consumer access to advanced blood tests, phone consultations with progressive health practitioners, and intuitive online data tracking, we offer our customers the ability to identify and reverse potential health risks long before symptoms appear. Our web site offers 12 different products with an average order size of $285.52. Orders range from $78 to $1230+. Here is code to insert for the commission junction referral tracking:

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