Livewell's Signature Buttered Coffee

Upgrade Cold Brew Coffee

At Livewell, we are all about balance in life, movement and education through our 4 legged stool of “Move-Empower-Release and Connect”.  Flex 151 is about strength and maximizing time, efficiency and effectiveness achieving strength through our research based protocols and unique program design.  Upgrade Café is about nutrition on-the-go. Our chefs create flavorful and nutrient packed snacks since we don't believe in diets. Our snacks range from protein balls and doughnuts to crackers and chips. We offer foods that are paleo and allergy friendly as well. Don't feel like eating a snack? You can get your fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks in while enjoying one of our smoothies.

One of our popular signature Upgrade offerings is our coffee. Who here is so busy that they tire of waiting the 10 minutes to brew coffee, or, maybe for lunch they want a stronger post meal gourmet cup but cannot find it around? If you find yourself answering yes, our cold brew coffee options may be the perfect solution for you. Cold brew refers to the method of making your coffee. This process requires room temperature water and time.  Time replaces heat in the brewing process. Since heat is not there, the flavor compounds in the bean come out without the compounds extracted with high heat.  We simply let the course grounds float in a tub of remineralized, reverse osmosis alkaline water for 24 hours.  We then strain through a mesh filter and immediately bottle in the freshness of the concentrate.  Note, this is NOT cheap instant coffee like you see sold at the store.  This cold brew process is slow and takes over 24 hours to marinade/brew the water and crushed bean vs pouring in instant powder or brewing a 5 minute cup of joe with no flavor.